Big industrial complexes and Govt. departments invest lots of funds for equipment, apparatus, physical plant improvements, service award programs and many other worthwhile expenditures.  All of this is wasted, if properly trained manpower is not available.   A single fire/industrial accident in any establishment can challenge the existence of the  unit.   IDMFS training program in Fire & Industrial Safety Management provides not only skills beyond fighting fire, but disseminate in-depth knowledge.

IDMFS is  dedicated  to impart training to  the aspiring students  to save the life, save material and property by preventing fire incidents.   The offered program in Fire & Industrial Safety Management diploma  program  is need of the hour  leading to :

  • Training improves SAFETY
  • Training reduces FIRE LOSSES
  • Training creates ESPRIT-DE-CORPS
  • Training saves LIFE AND PROPERTY

Training is not the most important thing, it is the ONLY THING as SAFETY SAVES.

For details about  the training programs and fee details please contact:

The Course Coordinator

Institute of Disaster Management & Fire Science

SR 459, Level-2, PNB Bank Road,

Near Bus Stand,  Maloya,CHANDIGARH-160 025

Mobile  09915327336,  09257232425,  09876951171